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zoom bug

October 7, 2006

zoom bug

Originally uploaded by ztephen.

Mac OS X 10.4.8 (maybe 10.4.7?) has a new scroll wheel zoom feature. Which is great, except that it’s broken the previous keyboard based zoom feature. So you can’t zoom in on something, then dramatically pull back to 1:1 with a keyboard shortcut any more. Which is a shame.


Exposé Wish…

September 2, 2006

Simple one. Just that in F9/All Windows I often discover that the window I’m looking for… is actually minimised in the Dock. I wonder if All Windows could actually make the minimised windows in the Dock flee up into the main expose-space? You know, so you could see all your windows…? They’d be smaller than the main windows, and would hang around the bottom of the screen so you know where they came from.

(And vaguely grouping the windows by app would be nice too.)

((Actually, some people might object to that, depending on how they work, so perhaps a new Exposé, “Absolutely All Windows”…F8?))

Return of Da MarsEdit

August 27, 2006

I’ve mostly been using the web interface for otan2 so far, but I’ve decided to revive MarsEdit. I’m hoping it’ll be a little faster than the web interface is, and I can get back to drafting things and never posting them…

…and so long as I avoid images we should be OK…


August 16, 2006

Skived off an important but non-obligatory work thing today. It may have affected my karma.

First, started the Mac, forgetting to turn the monitor on. Mac decides it’s bored with my dull grey desktop and shows me an arbitrary desktop picture instead.


Then the hound starts barking and I go downstairs to discover someone’s pushed an IKEA catalogue through the door. That second one’s quite useful.

But the first! Whit?

Update (later the very same day): then I was thinking about Drunkenblog and what’s become of Drunkenbatman himself, and lo and behold, a Mac Ach thread on that very subject.

Maybe I should turn the machine off and go to bed right now…

Leopard Sneak Peek

August 12, 2006

Apple – Apple – Mac OS X – Leopard Sneak Peek – 64-bit

All features referenced in the Mac OS X Leopard Sneak Peek are subject to change.

Now, does that mean that things can change, or that things will change…?

speaking in other tongues

August 8, 2006

So 10.5 “Leporardrard” (I prefer to call it 10.5 I’ve never been able to spell learporærd proper) will have a better speech synthesiser in it.

It’s called Alex and speaks American English. I wonder what else Alex is capable of?

If he knows about the International Phonetic Alphabet, and the fairly regular spelling rules of (some) European languages perhaps he’ll be capable of making a fair go at speaking in foreign tongues. My personal interests would be Norwegian and Bulgarian, as I’m rather pathetically trying to learn them just now. And boy would it be handy to be able to hear individual words or text read out (correctly) in those language. I know that nice Mr Carmo has expressed an interest in Portuguese. And I’m sure other people would be interested in other things, European or otherwise.

So how about it? A nice set of sophisticated computer voices, backed up maybe by some nice open-standard translating dictionaries, augmenting what’s meant to be the best, most multilingual operating system out there…

exactly what I was thinking but more eloquently expressed

August 7, 2006

decaffeinated archives :: Pre-WWDC

I only have one wish for Mac OS X 10.5, and it’s the same wish I had for 10.4:


No, not the language —it already has that— but the quality of refinement that certain parts of OS X have begun to lack in recent years. Apple’s mad dash forward to newer, bigger, and better features has caused great hunks of the OS to fall behind. In a nutshell: to rot.

10.5 thought

July 9, 2006

As if some kind of fancy Address Book wasn’t enough, how about this one?

What I want is simple. A no-nonsense way to sync between different Macs.

For instance if I have iTunes libraries on the laptop, the old desktop machine in the spare room and the (at the moment, hypthetical) Mac mini beside the TV, no matter which machine I actually use, all the iTunes I have are presented as a single library. None of this nonsense about sharing libraries or limited numbers of connections a day.

Similarly, each time the laptop appears on the network, I’d like to know that it’s being automatically and transparently imaged onto the big giant disc on the old desktop machine in the spare room. There shouldn’t be all this tedious mucking around with rsync and firewire target mode.

Simple, elegant, intuitive, capable of doing things that no other OS can.

Of course what I expect we’ll get is some more ludicrous eye candy (I have to use 10.4 in graphite mode because of the absurdly saturated UI colours), and interesting, powerful but flawed unix underpinning type stuff that I don’t have a hope of understanding…

Always have a spare computer

July 7, 2006

Got some old slow, worthless box that you’re thinking of throwing away? Don’t. My iBook expired with amazing speed a couple of days ago, and if it hadn’t been for my motley collection of old desktop Macs, my gradual moving of things into web 2.0, and my semi-haphazard backup strategy (i.e. it happens sometimes) I would be entirely fecked by now. As it is the last two weeks of email, photos, links, etc, are isolated in their own little private universe. But I’ll get them back.

iTunes 6.0.5

June 29, 2006

Now with added Nike goodness. Meh. I wonder if it sorts by surname yet?