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My goodness

December 12, 2009

What a difference.

Replacing Firefox with Camino and OpenDNS (or my shitty ISP DNS) with Google DNS has made things surprisingly snappy and usable over here in old G4 land.

If only there was some way to make Flash behave.



October 3, 2006

The Macalope » Blog Archive » Dear Computerworld’s Mike Elgan…
2. The Zune is social and viral

Like a disease!

Zoom! Confuse!

September 30, 2006

So 10.4.8 has a new mouse wheel zoom function. Cool. It would have been nice of Apple to mention it, maybe, I dunno, in the release notes, or something, but never mind. That nice Mr Gruber noticed. So that’s alright then.

One small problem though; the thing doesn’t seem to be connected to the traditional keyboard zoom, which I use sometimes. So Command-Option-8, which I expect to snap the screen back out to normality, when I’m zoomed in, does nothing. You have to scrolly all the way out with the wheel, or remember to use the keys.

Perhaps they’ll fix it in 10.4.9. Perhaps they’ll even fix the menu bar clock!

Exposé Wish…

September 2, 2006

Simple one. Just that in F9/All Windows I often discover that the window I’m looking for… is actually minimised in the Dock. I wonder if All Windows could actually make the minimised windows in the Dock flee up into the main expose-space? You know, so you could see all your windows…? They’d be smaller than the main windows, and would hang around the bottom of the screen so you know where they came from.

(And vaguely grouping the windows by app would be nice too.)

((Actually, some people might object to that, depending on how they work, so perhaps a new Exposé, “Absolutely All Windows”…F8?))

exactly what I was thinking but more eloquently expressed

August 7, 2006

decaffeinated archives :: Pre-WWDC

I only have one wish for Mac OS X 10.5, and it’s the same wish I had for 10.4:


No, not the language —it already has that— but the quality of refinement that certain parts of OS X have begun to lack in recent years. Apple’s mad dash forward to newer, bigger, and better features has caused great hunks of the OS to fall behind. In a nutshell: to rot.

Always have a spare computer

July 7, 2006

Got some old slow, worthless box that you’re thinking of throwing away? Don’t. My iBook expired with amazing speed a couple of days ago, and if it hadn’t been for my motley collection of old desktop Macs, my gradual moving of things into web 2.0, and my semi-haphazard backup strategy (i.e. it happens sometimes) I would be entirely fecked by now. As it is the last two weeks of email, photos, links, etc, are isolated in their own little private universe. But I’ll get them back.