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Snow in winter, who’d have thought it?

February 1, 2008

Forgive me a little cynicism. The weather in Scotland has been pretty appalling for the past few days, with rain, snow, and very strong winds. Today that weather moved south and suddenly the BBC noticed. Suddenly, a very dramatic five minute package on the News at 6, with live reports from here there and everywhere.

Apparently bad weather in Britain only counts as national news when it moves into England…


The Great Sky At Night Graveyard Slot Scandal

January 7, 2007

BBC NEWS | UK | The Sky at Night enters 50th year

Sir Patrick presented the first show, when he was asked to do three programmes on astronomy in 1957.

At 83, he is British television’s longest serving presenter, and still continues his own astronomy work.

But Sir Patrick is furious because the programme has been given what he says is the poor time slot of 0155 GMT.

This has been going on for years, and it’s not remotely funny. Before the advent of Sky+ I had to watch a couple of programmes off the BBC web site, and that wasn’t funny either.

Also unamusing is the unpredictable date and time of the repeat on BBC 4.

But I guess this story demonstrates that BBC News is somewhat independent of the rest of the corporation.

Ah, good, I wasn’t imagining it…

December 13, 2006

BBC NEWS | Scotland | November rainfall hits new record

Scotland has had its wettest November in nearly 30 years, new Met Office figures have revealed.

Yes, yet another dull BBC news quote post. Sorry.

BBC NEWS being parochial again shocker

November 26, 2006

BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Turkish protests at Pope’s visit

Sunday’s protest is being organised by the Islamic Felicity Party, a small group that is not represented in the Turkish parliament.

Yeah. A small group not represented in the parliament. That sounds really… Turkish to me.

Utter Bollocks

November 25, 2006

BBC NEWS | UK | Scots split would harm UK – Brown

Mr Brown will tell the Scottish Labour Party conference that the economic futures of Scotland and the rest of the UK are inextricably linked.

“Two-and-a-half million people in Scotland have a family in England,” he wrote in the Daily Record newspaper.

He also pointed to other signs that England and Scotland are moving closer.

“Almost one in six Scots make their home south of the border and 400,000 people who live in Scotland are English-born.”

In his conference speech, he will also claim that Britain is a model for how countries can co-operate together.

I suspect the worst effect of Scottish independence would be to prevent a certain Fife MP from being Prime Minister. And that would never do. I suppose New Labour have to make this argument, but it’s utterly unsustainable. To come close to believing it you have to utterly ignore, for example, the Benelux region. Or Scandinavia. Or the Republic of Ireland. Or, to be frank, the entire European Union.

After all, no other country in the world has foreigners living in it! There are no Swedes married to Norwegians or Turks to Bulgarians. The very thought.

Tony Blair recently spoke of the “constitutional nightmare” of Scottish independence, and that’s even more ludicrous. The present settlement is a constitutional nightmare. Independent countries co-operating through European institutions would not be. A new settlement would make considerably more sense, so why resist it?

An Astonishing Programme

October 12, 2006

BBC NEWS | Programmes | This World | Will Israel bomb Iran?

Following on from the mild horror of an episode of Horizon presented by a comedian–actually it was a pretty good film, just not right for the Horizon slot, bring back QED!–we have this gem.

An analysis of the nuclear “threat” from Iran towards Israel, it consisted largely of thunderous incidental music and alarming stock film of exploding things. While the music wasn’t playing however, senior military and political Israelis were given free reign to complain about how dangerous and unilateral Iran’s behaviour was… and never once being challenged about how dangerous and unilateral Israel‘s behaviour has been over the same period!

It’s the height of  hypocrisy for one country with a clandestine nuclear weapons programme to criticise another country… for attempting to have a clandestine nuclear weapons programme. While programmes presenting a single (biased) point of view can often be amongst the best television to watch, an international current affairs thread is not the place to have a programme like that. Why, you might as well have a comedian presenting Horizon. The whole point of BBC news and current affairs is to be impartial, though I suspect BBC News and Current Affairs have forgotten that.

Well, you can watch it on the BBC website and see what you think. Maybe I’m just spouting mad anti-Israeli crap. Who knows.


October 5, 2006

BBC NEWS | Business | Per-mile cover ‘to cut accidents’
Charges for drivers aged 24 to 65 go as low as 1p a mile for off-peak motorway driving while under-23s will be charged up to £1 a mile when driving at night.

I hope that’s a typo—a pound a mile is absurd. Arbitrarily charging young men higher premiums because of the general statistical behaviour of that group is plain wrong. If certain individuals present a danger to other road users, they should be removed from the road.

BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Sweden sticks to multiculturalism

September 16, 2006

BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Sweden sticks to multiculturalism

“I speak Swedish, Arabic, Kurdish, Persian and English with my friends,” says Ammar Mamand, a 12-year-old Kurdish boy living in Malmo, southern Sweden.

Reminds me of Drammen…

Dear BBC, is it possible you could use the right names for Swedish places? It’s not Malmo, it’s Malmö. For instance. And those aren’t just accents, they’re distinct letters and sounds.

BBC NEWS | UK | Ryanair issues luggage ultimatum

August 18, 2006

BBC NEWS | UK | Ryanair issues luggage ultimatum

Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary said: “The best way to defeat terrorists and extremists is for ordinary people to continue to live their lives as normal.

“Because of the additional security restrictions imposed by the government last Thursday, the shambles at the London airports has been anything but normal.”

Well, it’s not often I find myself agreeing with Michael O’Leary, but I must say it was refreshing to watch him having a good rant on News 24 this morning.

Down with those six year old terrorists, that what I say.


August 8, 2006

Slightly overzealous browser sensing, don’t you think?

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All they needed to do was serve a standards compliant page, after all.