Once upon a time there was a blog called “Obvious Things About Norway” I started it because I was going to Norway for the summer and wanted to write some Obvious Things about it while I was there. Then I came back, and the blog kept going, with a somewhat random collection of thoughts on Helensburgh, the town in Scotland where I live, Bulgaria, the Apple Macintosh, etc etc.

It was all getting to be a terrible muddle, and I’d lost confidence in my ISP, so I decided to split the blog. OTAN 1, on the ISP, will become a Helensburgh Rant-Biased Blog, and otan2, this one, will have everything else…

Much much later: all the otan1 entries are now here on otan2.

You can email me on stephen[dot]mackenzie[at]gmail[dot]com.


2 Responses to “About…”

  1. Scott Weber Says:

    Good Day,
    By chance I’ve been researching the web about Helensburgh and noticed a photo taken by you of the new, or at least new to me Lomond School. The reason I’m writing is two-fold. The first is I’m completing a screenplay about a young American boy who attends the old Larchfield School in 1965. I would like to get in touch with someone who might have any historical data about Larchfield School and Helensburgh at that time. Any information would be appreciated. Secondly, I attended Larchfield School at that time and my understanding is the name changed from Larchfield to Larchmont to the Lomond School. I would like to verify this to be true.
    Thank you – Scott Weber

  2. otan2 Says:

    Scott, I suggest you go straight to the source:


    I know almost nothing about the history of Lomond School.

    However. Larchfield always remained “Larchfield” but is no longer part of the school, but part of a private housing development. The developers wanted to completely clear the site, but local folks raised quite a stink. This may present a problem with locations!

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