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In any case, temperatures will rise.

December 24, 2010

Yes, yes. Snow everywhere. Freezing cold. Pretty terrible, eh? Ice and minus temperatures. And it is pretty terrible. My drainpipe outside the house is frozen. Can’t use my bath. In a scientific experiment conducted today, I found that it takes at least three washing up bowls of water to clean the most significant parts of the Stephen. My boiler died, and was resurrected. My old cat died, probably because the boiler did. But no change of resurrection for her.

And yet. As Simon Jenkins said, the weather has been amazing. Clear blue skies, the world made white. An almost Scandinavian winter, in fact. And I don’t see much wrong with that.

And yet, and but. I’m biased. Here on the Clyde Riviera the freezing has been relatively mild. We haven’t been buried under deep snowdrifts, like the east of Scotland. We haven’t been plunged into a deep freeze, like parts further inland.

That’s your Scandinavian winter.

And looking back over my Flickr pictures, I see it’s only been a month since this cold weather arrived. Only a month, but it feels like the whole winter already. Could I handle this for a whole winter? I don’t know.

And I may not need to find out; coming in from the Atlantic is either a shit-load of rain, or snow. But in any case, temperatures will rise. Eventually. And I’ll miss the world made white, and the roads made quiet and slow.