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June 24, 2008

Bad Science » All time classic creationist pwnage
The following exchange is mirrored humbly and verbatim in case of disappearance. It represents pwnage on a scale most of us can only dream of.



mixed feelings about Honest John

June 14, 2008

Road Tests: Audi A4 B8 Avant Road Test
(Remember, horseboxes now sometime contain cameras. They’re out to get you any way they can.)

Often good advice, and readable, informative and entertaining reviews, but at the same time this crazed disconnect about speed cameras. It’s against the law to break the speed limit. End of story.


June 2, 2008

BBC NEWS | England | Clarksons speed claim criticised
Jeremy Clarkson has been criticised for claiming he drove at 186mph on a public road, by a father whose son died when a speeding car crashed into his vehicle.
The BBCs Top Gear presenter, from Oxfordshire, told a festival audience in Wales he reached the speed while driving a Bugatti Veyron in London.
He said: “The speed limits annoying for people who have a job to do.”

I have a job to do. Admittedly only 8 miles from my house, but none the less I’m frequently early despite sticking to the speed limit. I’m also frequently overtaken by impatient tossers who break the law and risk their lives and the lives of others just so they can go a bit faster. It’s interesting how often I catch them up again. Because as well as fast drivers there are slow drivers, who are in certain ways far worse…

I think what I would really like to see is a Top Gear challenge where Jeremy has to race the other two… while sticking strictly to the speed limit. In a diesel. That, I think, would be hilarious.