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worth looking at for the first photo

May 18, 2008

Dagens helter reddet grevlingbarn fra storbrannen – Innenriks –

Even if you don’t speak Norwegian, which I frankly, don’t. Not really. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist however, to figure out that these firemen rescued three badger cubs from a sett under a big fire in Oslo. No sign of mama, but she wasn’t caught in the fire. Phew.



May 11, 2008

The Rise of the Rest | Print Article |
More broadly, this is Americas great—and potentially insurmountable—strength. It remains the most open, flexible society in the world, able to absorb other people, cultures, ideas, goods, and services. The country thrives on the hunger and energy of poor immigrants. Faced with the new technologies of foreign companies, or growing markets overseas, it adapts and adjusts. When you compare this dynamism with the closed and hierarchical nations that were once superpowers, you sense that the United States is different and may not fall into the trap of becoming rich, and fat, and lazy.

I would argue it’s too late for that, and that significant portions of America have been rich, and fat, and lazy since at least the 1950s. But that shouldn’t stop you from reading this thoughtful and considered article.