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falling into history

April 30, 2008

BBC NEWS | World | Europe | LSD inventor Albert Hofmann dies
Albert Hofmann, the Swiss chemist who discovered the hallucinogenic drug LSD, has died of a heart attack at his home in Basel at the age of 102.

There seems to be quite a die-back going on now. Not only Albert but Humph and Zawinul and Oscar Peterson and Gwinneth Dunwoody and, yes, my dad. Seems like the 20th century is falling further into history all the time. And how could it be otherwise?

And yet it seems so strange. I remember, not all that long ago, thinking about the year 2000 and what it would be like, and how far away it then seemed. It goes so fast.


A9 branded ‘Scotland’s deadliest’ road, for a given value of ‘deadliest’

April 19, 2008

BBC NEWS | Scotland | Tayside and Central | A9 branded ‘Scotland’s deadliest’
“This is a sad accolade to hold and the A9 has been claiming too many lives for too long,” Mr Fraser said.
“Not only is the personal injury unbearable to the families affected by the accidents, but the cost on our public services to attend and sort each accident out is massive.
“I believe that if a train line in Scotland witnessed the same number of deaths as the A9 does then something would be done to reduce the fatality rate.

If vehicles on roads had strictly enforced speed limits, were kept apart by signalling which actually stops vehicles that pass red lights, and drivers were only allowed to drive on roads they were passed for, then there would be very few road fatalities either. In other words, it’s a lame comparison.

On the other hand, the A9 (and A82 for that matter) are awful. They probably should be upgraded. But drivers using them should be responsible, and not speed and take stupid risks. Those two things are the biggest cause of road accidents and deaths, not bad road design.

A final point for Mr Fraser to consider is that the upgraded part of the A82 on Loch Lomondside bears regular witness to fatal accidents. Upgrading the road is not the whole answer. Indeed, it may just exacerbate the problem as the locals go ever faster on their nice new road…


April 19, 2008

Just started monkeying around with Bean, a wee word proccessor I’ve been updating, but not actually using for a while.

Well, I haven’t had much to write about, as the regular reader of this blog will know.

Anyway, the point is that I’ve just discovered that as you type text into Bean, it scrolls the window in such a way that the insertion point remains in the middle of the window, not right next to the bottom. In the old school fashion not unfamiliar to users of say, MacWrite II. This is a wonderful discovery, this is something that has bugged me about the Mac’s Cocoa text handling thingeys since, well, the beginning.

I might even start writing things now.

BBC NEWS | Scotland | Scots beaches worst for waste

April 10, 2008

BBC NEWS | Scotland | Scots beaches worst for waste
The density of SRD in Scotland was said to be more than five times the UK average.

I find that a little implausible. Is it possible that someone, somewhere is exaggerating a little?