I know, lets make the new Forth Crossing another bridge!

January 9, 2008

BBC NEWS | Scotland | High winds cause major problems

Pc Andrew Starkie, of the Road Policing Unit, said: “Motorists should expect long delays as the Forth Bridge has been closed.”There is currently a five-mile tailback from the Kincardine Bridge and there is a two-mile tailback on the M9 in this area.”


2 Responses to “I know, lets make the new Forth Crossing another bridge!”

  1. Jim Milligan Says:

    At best, since I’m reading it – your readership has doubled inside 24 hours – if this rate of increase is maintained (and I’m prepared to have another go tomorrow) you could have hundreds of readers by this time next week:
    At worst, a day-to-day variance of 1 (always count on yourself) to 15 could yield, on average, 7 hits per day; if 7 regulars, you have significant local influence; if 7 different hits, each day, you will have annoyed a huge and growing readership – that can’t be bad:
    At anyrate, keep going, have fun and thanks for an admirable archive

  2. otan2 Says:

    Wow. I better start writing things then!

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