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Don’t blame the internets…

June 30, 2007

BBC NEWS | Business | Fopp closes down its 105 stores

Fopp said it was profitable and well regarded but had failed to gain support from stakeholders and suppliers.

Then why, exactly, are you closing, guys? Why are you withholding salaries from your workers? That’s one of those meaningless sentences that people use when they don’t want to admit what they’re really doing…

Not that I know what they’re really doing.


Speed limits are not advisory

June 29, 2007

BBC NEWS | UK | Court to rule on speed cameras

Mr O’Halloran admitted he was driving his vehicle but later retracted, saying he had a right to silence and protection from self-incrimination. Magistrates fined him and added penalty points.

You may have a right to silence. You don’t have a right to break the law.

why I go on about speeding so much

June 21, 2007

BBC NEWS | Wales | North East Wales | Cycle driver ‘wished he was dead’


June 21, 2007

A clean energy update: “As you may know, one of’s core missions is to address climate change. “

(Via Official Google Blog.)

I swear, Google is turning into Praxis from the Stan Robinson Mars books.

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (“plug-in hybrids”) can achieve 70 -100 miles per gallon, quadrupling the fuel economy of the average car on the road today (~20 mpg).

Even if they’re somewhat behind the times vis-a-vis fuel efficiency in Europe. A friend of mine has a 6 year old Toyota Yaris Verso. It does about 60MPG without any of this fancy hybrid stuff.

But why the pictures of Edinburgh?

June 16, 2007

A game of inches – Joel on Software

A very interesting story about clock radios and the UIs thereof (agree completely), but illustrated with apparently incongruous pictures of Edinburgh. Admittedly, Edinburgh inspires a little storm-und-drang in me, but still…

Perhaps it’s a bug in Camino. Perhaps it’s just downloading random URIs and assembling them into web pages… I seem to be getting a lot of pop-unders all of a sudden. For instance.

Non sequitur? Me?

Hello Spammers

June 10, 2007

Hi there. Our instruments tell us that there are some spammers aboard. Let me make it clear that you are not at all welcome. I currently have guards searching the blog, and when they find you, you will be thrown out into cyberspace.

Or I may possibly read you some of my poetry first…

The ants are back

June 7, 2007

Actually they’re not. But it’s suddenly bright and sunny, warm and I’m expecting ants any time now.

no surprise

June 6, 2007

BBC NEWS | Scotland | Passenger satisfaction rates dip

Customer satisfaction among First ScotRail passengers has fallen slightly, according to a survey.The independent Passenger Focus watchdog said the satisfaction rating went from 86% in 2006 to 83% in 2007.

Not surprising. Our local class 320 units used to be virtually silent when they were new. Now you have a hammering air compressor in one driving car, loud humming from the transformers and motors in the centre car, and deafening automated announcements in every car. You might as well be in a DMU.

We went to Mull via Oban and the west highland railway last weekend, and the situation wasn’t much better. On the way back, the train stopped at the station throat for no readily apparent reason.

The windows are never clean. The catering is extortionate. I could  go on, but you get the picture.