May 23, 2007

BBC NEWS | Business | EU caps roaming mobile phone fees

Text messaging will not be covered by the proposals.

Arse. Vodafone charge 49 pence a message while roaming. They charge 24p a message for international texts. Is that in any way justifiable?

On the notion of reduced roaming charges, this is of course a good, but I feel the practice of charging for incoming calls should stop. Indeed, I feel that in a single European Market, there should be a single mobile phone calling zone.


2 Responses to “bugger”

  1. Ian Says:

    Yes, the price of texts is truly outrageous. It seems that the phone companies are increasingly trying to exploit text messaging as their key profitable revenue stream. By taking allowances out of our plans, they’ve made it easy to get away with dinging us a few extra pounds each month for the odd text here and there.
    And, EU roaming is still ridiculous as you say for charging you for incoming calls at silly rates. Am I also right that if the call subsequently goes back to your voice mail you get charged for essentially an incoming and outgoing call when in another country?

  2. I believe that to be the case, I’ve read a few voicemail horror stories on the interweb. I leave mine turned off, just in case…

    When will the mobile industry realise that selling their products at reasonable prices will increase demand, and probably profits?

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