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The trouble is that people speed

May 29, 2007

BBC NEWS | Scotland | South of Scotland | Van driver killed in A76 accident

The incident has prompted renewed calls for an upgrade of the route.

You can upgrade any road as much as you like. So long as people are willing to drive well in excess of the design speed of the road, in vehicles that may not be working properly, you will still get crashes like this.

cf. A82. An upgraded road that still sees regular fatal crashes.



May 23, 2007

BBC NEWS | Business | EU caps roaming mobile phone fees

Text messaging will not be covered by the proposals.

Arse. Vodafone charge 49 pence a message while roaming. They charge 24p a message for international texts. Is that in any way justifiable?

On the notion of reduced roaming charges, this is of course a good, but I feel the practice of charging for incoming calls should stop. Indeed, I feel that in a single European Market, there should be a single mobile phone calling zone.

it just works

May 6, 2007

BBC NEWS | World | South Asia | Pakistan judge blasts dictators

Mr Chaudhry says he is fighting for the independence of the judiciary but the protests in his favour have turned into a broader campaign against military rule, says the BBCs Barbara Plett in Islamabad .

This kind of connects with a recent Dispatches about Pakistan I saw nearly all of. I wish I’d seen it all. It painted a wonderfully clear picture of the bizarre situation in Pakistan.

It’s perfectly simple. Democracy works. (Well,  European-style democracy works.) The rule of law works. A non-corrupt public sector works. It all just works. There’s nothing to be afraid of.

this sort of thing really annoys me

May 1, 2007

BBC NEWS | Business | Turkish stocks and currency slump

The main ISE National 100 index lost 8% at the open, while the lira dropped as much as 4% in early trading.

Not so much the Turkey thing, though it does seem odd that an army that seems intent on protecting democracy is being criticised (we’ll leave aside certain letters of the alphabet for the moment), but the overblown reporting of financial things. An 8% drop is not a slump, a 4% fall in value certainly isn’t.