Georgi and the Butterflies

March 31, 2007

Georgi and the Butterflies is a delightful Bulgarian documentary, which aired on More4 in the UK a couple of years ago. I’ve been looking for it on DVD ever since, and have finally found it.

Doc-Air is a slightly enigmatic Czech website which appears to be stuffed with interesting European documentaries. Which you can stream; or download as DVD iso images or DIVX files, for pennies, essentially.

I’m downloading Georgi on the other box as I write this. It cost €4.50. The only drawback is that the download is going to take about four hours.

Well, more like six, and the resulting burned DVD isn’t a UDF but a Joliet disc, so Apple’s DVD player won’t look at it at all. And there’s no menu, and the English subtitles are burned into the video, so I can’t turn them off, but it plays in VLC and the DVD player under my telly, so I guess that’s good enough for now.

Now to actually watch the damn thing! I never saw the beginning before.


2 Responses to “Georgi and the Butterflies”

  1. Update: is now available on retail DVD. But apparently only in Bulgaria.

  2. otan2 Says:

    Update to the update: you can now watch at a second documentary-streaming-type site:–

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