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January 23, 2007

Well, the dust seems to  have settled.

I frankly don’t know what I think of the iPhone. The interface seems very pleasant, but how durable is that surface, really? I speak as someone who expects small shiny items in my pockets to look after themselves. I’m usually disappointed.

The lack of third party applications is meh. Are you going to include a Bulgarian-English dictionary, Mr Jobs? Or any dictionary at all in fact? Will you even let me do Unicode SMS on the keyboard layout and in the language of my choice?

The lack of 3G is definitely another meh, as is the probability of being locked into a single provider.

And I get a distinct sensation of chaos surrounding the keynote. I have no actual evidence for saying that. But it does seem odd not to mention MacDevelopments at all–it’s fricking MacWorld, for frick’s sake–and the failure to mention the new Airport, suggest to me a somewhat short-noticed ad hoc rearrangement of the keynote, basically, I submit, so Mr J could put one up Cisco, by expounding on the advantages of his iPhone over and over again for several hours.

It’s funny I should find this product so much less exciting than the original iPod, despite the similiarities in high price and limited functionality…



January 15, 2007

After extensive procrastination planning, I’ve finally got around to installing the WP-xml-export plugin on that other blog of mine, and imported all the posts to over here, like. I haven’t yet bothered myself to move over images or anything like that, so there may be some non-sequiturs.

Combined with a sudden leap to the slightly soggy wonders of FireFox2 for a while—WebKit nightly builds are very nice, but don’t play nice with the WordPress admin pages or the Flicker organgingizer, so enough was enough—this means I might actually get round to doing some writing. Time will tell…

The Great Sky At Night Graveyard Slot Scandal

January 7, 2007

BBC NEWS | UK | The Sky at Night enters 50th year

Sir Patrick presented the first show, when he was asked to do three programmes on astronomy in 1957.

At 83, he is British television’s longest serving presenter, and still continues his own astronomy work.

But Sir Patrick is furious because the programme has been given what he says is the poor time slot of 0155 GMT.

This has been going on for years, and it’s not remotely funny. Before the advent of Sky+ I had to watch a couple of programmes off the BBC web site, and that wasn’t funny either.

Also unamusing is the unpredictable date and time of the repeat on BBC 4.

But I guess this story demonstrates that BBC News is somewhat independent of the rest of the corporation.