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BBC NEWS being parochial again shocker

November 26, 2006

BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Turkish protests at Pope’s visit

Sunday’s protest is being organised by the Islamic Felicity Party, a small group that is not represented in the Turkish parliament.

Yeah. A small group not represented in the parliament. That sounds really… Turkish to me.


Utter Bollocks

November 25, 2006

BBC NEWS | UK | Scots split would harm UK – Brown

Mr Brown will tell the Scottish Labour Party conference that the economic futures of Scotland and the rest of the UK are inextricably linked.

“Two-and-a-half million people in Scotland have a family in England,” he wrote in the Daily Record newspaper.

He also pointed to other signs that England and Scotland are moving closer.

“Almost one in six Scots make their home south of the border and 400,000 people who live in Scotland are English-born.”

In his conference speech, he will also claim that Britain is a model for how countries can co-operate together.

I suspect the worst effect of Scottish independence would be to prevent a certain Fife MP from being Prime Minister. And that would never do. I suppose New Labour have to make this argument, but it’s utterly unsustainable. To come close to believing it you have to utterly ignore, for example, the Benelux region. Or Scandinavia. Or the Republic of Ireland. Or, to be frank, the entire European Union.

After all, no other country in the world has foreigners living in it! There are no Swedes married to Norwegians or Turks to Bulgarians. The very thought.

Tony Blair recently spoke of the “constitutional nightmare” of Scottish independence, and that’s even more ludicrous. The present settlement is a constitutional nightmare. Independent countries co-operating through European institutions would not be. A new settlement would make considerably more sense, so why resist it?

Ian Mackenzie 1931-2006

November 5, 2006

Broadcaster, writer, musican, minister, magician.

My father, my father, my father.

Died of the quick decline at the Glebe, Southwick, on the Solway Coast, on 31 October 2006, as I was sitting in a cafe in the ─░stanbul Otogar, drinking tea before embarking on a long journey.

At night, if I can’t sleep, I sometimes go to the window and, if it is clear, look beyond the streetlights to the space beyond. It becomes more and more difficult to get there, because earth’s light pollution is blotting out the cosmos. But from the Glebe fields by the Solway one can see the fields of stars. There they are, the revolving galaxies. Inside the cottage behind me is my little family which one of these days I will have to leave. But for now they’re here to cherish. My heart beats for them, but my heart also reaches out to the family who left me, father, mother, Alan, Catherine, Etta. My heart reaches out so far it thins to invisibility. They, and my friends who have gone, have been travelling beyond death for years. They must have gone very far by now. I don’t find words, but I yearn that somewhere in the mystery of universes, wherever they are, in whatever form they are, they could be touched by the unconditional love I feel for them.

The intensity passes. Is it real? Do they exist anywhere? How at one moment can one be surrounded by faith and see everything fit together, and at another moment feel so utterly lost in aloneness and unknowingness?

The uncertainty is how it has always been, and always must be, no doubt.

I Was Invited: the autobiography of Ian Mackenzie (2003)