An Astonishing Programme

October 12, 2006

BBC NEWS | Programmes | This World | Will Israel bomb Iran?

Following on from the mild horror of an episode of Horizon presented by a comedian–actually it was a pretty good film, just not right for the Horizon slot, bring back QED!–we have this gem.

An analysis of the nuclear “threat” from Iran towards Israel, it consisted largely of thunderous incidental music and alarming stock film of exploding things. While the music wasn’t playing however, senior military and political Israelis were given free reign to complain about how dangerous and unilateral Iran’s behaviour was… and never once being challenged about how dangerous and unilateral Israel‘s behaviour has been over the same period!

It’s the height of  hypocrisy for one country with a clandestine nuclear weapons programme to criticise another country… for attempting to have a clandestine nuclear weapons programme. While programmes presenting a single (biased) point of view can often be amongst the best television to watch, an international current affairs thread is not the place to have a programme like that. Why, you might as well have a comedian presenting Horizon. The whole point of BBC news and current affairs is to be impartial, though I suspect BBC News and Current Affairs have forgotten that.

Well, you can watch it on the BBC website and see what you think. Maybe I’m just spouting mad anti-Israeli crap. Who knows.


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