Easy To Mock

October 2, 2006

FT.com / World / Europe – Oldest profession boosts Greek output
Greece suddenly found itself 25 per cent richer on Thursday after a surprise upward revision of its gross domestic product, the fruit of a change to national accounts designed to capture better a fast-growing service sector – including parts of the black economy such as prostitution and money laundering.

[via http://blog.foreignpolicy.com/]

Of course, we never misrepresent the state of the country’s finances round here. Pretending the railways and school procurement are in the private sector, that sort of thing. That wouldn’t be… prudent.

Funny that Bulgaria and Romania are getting stern fingers wagged at them about organised crime, while Greece, already in the EU, is including it in their GDP figures…

Consistency, anyone?

But it’s easy to mock.


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