September 21, 2006

Sofia News Agency: Bulgaria: UKs Reid Sends “Strongest” Signal for Limiting Bulgarians, Romanians

UK Home Secretary John Reid has given his strongest indication yet that the government intends to restrict access to the UK for Romanians and Bulgarians if their bid to join the European Union succeed, the Guardian commented September 20.

“Although he did not specify how restrictions might operate, sources said they could include a mix of measures such as quotas or a time period during which Romanians and Bulgarians would not be allowed to enter the UK.”

This is just so totally wrong. Either you are in the EU and have all the rights of an EU member state, or you don’t. It occurs to me that there can be an intermediary stage, “EU associate” or something where restrictions like this occur, and EU accession becomes a gradual process rather than the bizzare all or nothing system we have at present.

The Guardian disclosed last month that a senior government figure had revealed ministerial plans to introduce a work permit system for Bulgarians and Romanians who would be required to prove they could fill specific skill shortages.

“We have a strong record on accepting migrants from Europe, but sometimes politics has to override the economics, and that is what is going to happen in this case,” a cabinet minister closely involved in the talks said at the time.

That’s even worse! There isn’t a rational reason for this. It’s to appease idiotic racist blue-top tabloid reading voters. The 2004 accession migrants have on the whole been a great success. There won’t be nearly as many Bulgarians and Romanians.

So where, exactly is the problem?

Perhaps it’s in the head of Dr John Reid.


2 Responses to “Nooooooooooooooo!!!”

  1. Ian Says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I am proud with our stance towards the last set of EU members in contrast to other countries. I think it has been great for our economy – some building projects would probably all have gone the way of Wembley. But it is more than just economics – its about goodwill and humanity. I suspect there’s even a Daily Mail reader or two who’ve changed their mind on this (at least silently) because of an experience with a Polish plumber, or Lithuanian builder.

    But Reid comes out as pandering to the Little Englanders. He’s a bully. And, he’d rather take the simple and popular, but dumb, view than argue the case for what is in the long term best interests of this country and indeed other countries too.

  2. Gospodin_I Says:

    What can I say?

    In Bulgaria we’ve got pretty used to being humiliated and even worse – we think we deserve it.

    All this blabber is simple vote hunting. In reality immigration makes an economy more competitive as it brings down cost of labour and introduces greater competition in the labour market – no matter whether it concerns low-pay or good jobs.

    But for the average Western European voter, who thinks he’s “socialist” (while he’s in fact simply racist and lazy) this is all FAIR and it protects the FAIR welfare state. What more can I say…?

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