BBC NEWS | Politics | Prescott denies calling Bush crap

August 17, 2006

BBC NEWS | Politics | Prescott denies calling Bush crap

Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott has denied saying the Bush administration had been “crap” on the Middle East road map – the plan for peace in the region.

Note how the BBC conflates calling the Washington administration’s attitude to the Middle East “crap” and Prescott calling Bush “crap”. There’s a wee thing called impartiality, guys, which you are meant to be the paragon of.

Prescott may be an utter fool, I don’t know, I’ve never met him. But I don’t see the need to deny this story: not only is the “road map” itself crap, but the name is crap. A “road map”? I have visions of diplomats and statesmen driving around in an old bus, lost in the back lanes of Aberdeenshire.

Maybe that’s just me.

My opinion is that any lasting settlement in the Middle East will have to actually deal with the longstanding and genuine grievances that all the sides have.

The settlement will also have to deal with the childish, petty conduct of all sides in the conflict. Clearly that will be very difficult, and of course I have no idea how to do it.


One Response to “BBC NEWS | Politics | Prescott denies calling Bush crap”

  1. Ian Says:

    I think Prescott is also a **** (see Michael O’Leary comment above). But I think if he’d admitted to this one, we’d all think a bit better of him!

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