speaking in other tongues

August 8, 2006

So 10.5 “Leporardrard” (I prefer to call it 10.5 I’ve never been able to spell learporærd proper) will have a better speech synthesiser in it.

It’s called Alex and speaks American English. I wonder what else Alex is capable of?

If he knows about the International Phonetic Alphabet, and the fairly regular spelling rules of (some) European languages perhaps he’ll be capable of making a fair go at speaking in foreign tongues. My personal interests would be Norwegian and Bulgarian, as I’m rather pathetically trying to learn them just now. And boy would it be handy to be able to hear individual words or text read out (correctly) in those language. I know that nice Mr Carmo has expressed an interest in Portuguese. And I’m sure other people would be interested in other things, European or otherwise.

So how about it? A nice set of sophisticated computer voices, backed up maybe by some nice open-standard translating dictionaries, augmenting what’s meant to be the best, most multilingual operating system out there…


2 Responses to “speaking in other tongues”

  1. Perhaps it will be better to speak to a real live bulgarian instead 🙂
    I can be of service – it’s good when somebody is trying the learn a language that hard as Bulgarian.
    Drop me a note if you can think of how I can help you with your language studies.
    Dovijdane 😉

  2. otan2 Says:

    Always better to speak to real people! But I still think this idea would help me when trying to read Bulgarian web-sites for instance.

    As would a proper Bulgarian MacOS X localisation. Microsoft can do it, why can’t Apple?

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