bad things

July 30, 2006

BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | Dozens killed in Lebanon air raid

Israel said the Shia militant group was responsible for the Qana strike, by using the town to launch rockets.

This is childish. And petty. But worst of all, it’s violent.

Israel is responsible for the strike: their armed forces executed it.

I’m not particularly interested in how this situation came about, and wouldn’t claim to know a great deal about its history. For me it’s just a bigger version of who said what about our Tracy.

But I do know that innocent people on both sides are being hurt and killed, and civilian infrastructure is being wrecked.

I also know that in situations like these, it’s the party in the position of strength that has to make concessions. The weaker party has nothing to lose, and the weakest of all have no control over their fate. cf. Central Africa, Chechnya…

In this case, that means only Israel has the power to resolve this situation, but not by military means. They should look to South Africa, to Scandinavia, to Northern Ireland, for possible ways out of this.

And, yes, I know that’s not going to happen.


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