10.5 thought

July 9, 2006

As if some kind of fancy Address Book wasn’t enough, how about this one?

What I want is simple. A no-nonsense way to sync between different Macs.

For instance if I have iTunes libraries on the laptop, the old desktop machine in the spare room and the (at the moment, hypthetical) Mac mini beside the TV, no matter which machine I actually use, all the iTunes I have are presented as a single library. None of this nonsense about sharing libraries or limited numbers of connections a day.

Similarly, each time the laptop appears on the network, I’d like to know that it’s being automatically and transparently imaged onto the big giant disc on the old desktop machine in the spare room. There shouldn’t be all this tedious mucking around with rsync and firewire target mode.

Simple, elegant, intuitive, capable of doing things that no other OS can.

Of course what I expect we’ll get is some more ludicrous eye candy (I have to use 10.4 in graphite mode because of the absurdly saturated UI colours), and interesting, powerful but flawed unix underpinning type stuff that I don’t have a hope of understanding…


2 Responses to “10.5 thought”

  1. Ian Says:

    Hi Stephen
    You are describing exactly something I would like too!

    And I don’t think this is just for the geeks. An older friend who recently got an iBook to go with their mac mini (I’m still amazed they got one mac, let alone 2), was interested in syncing stuff – photos and email in his case.

    Some cross between isync, backup and general file-sharing/webdav all helped along with a dose of bonjour would be superb!


  2. otan2 Says:

    I’m glad you agree! It seems to be the next step to the “digital hub” thingey: “now you have all your precious stuff on our machine, here’s a nice simple way to keep it safe.” And a good way to sell more Macs, I suspect!

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