400 Kms Illegal Sewers Found in Sofia–Sofia News Agency

July 1, 2006

400 Kms Illegal Sewers Found in Sofia

Experts from Sofia’s water supply company “Sofiyska Voda” have detected over 400 kilometers of illegal sewerage, media reported.Some of the drains built about ten years ago are in very poor condition as they were constructed hastily, with contractors skimping on quality, Sofiyska Voda have told private Darik radio. The faulty construction of these sewers is the reason why they clog up every time it starts raining.

Constructions have eaten away most of the capital’s green fields and now all of the water finds its way to the streets, the experts say. Many companies present a problem as they dump their waste in the open and it later clogs the drains.

After I came home from Bulgaria last year Zornitsa sent me a map of Sliven. I was mildly surprised to see that officially, all those houses, villas, garages, streets, etc I could see to the east of her parent’s block were non-existent.

It’s boring but vital. A rational planning system that works is absolutely neccessary for a country to develop in a way that isn’t destructive. Look at this post from bootstrap analysis to show what’s happened in Detroit.


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