Address Book thoughts…

June 26, 2006

Suddenly the air is thick with 10.5 rumours, including the notion that Address Book might get together with iCal. Actually, that one might be mince. I hope so anyway, I like having lots of little discrete apps, and the intermixed window metaphor thing and services and whatnot mean it doesn’t actually much matter if apps are monolithic or not.


Anyway, I’m just fooling around with custom fields in Address Book in 10.3.9. And I noticed that you can’t, in fact add custom fields.

So I cant add people’s blogs, flickr accounts, etc. Just their “homepage”. Meh. Nicknames are handy though; can you sync nicknames to your phone? If you can I might start to use syncing.

Also, there’s not much in the list of IM networks. And my six IM buddies are mostly on MSN, not iChat or AIM. SO that’s quite annoying.

And I suppose different categories of contact “personal”, “family”, “argh, work”, etc. would be nice too.

I’ll stop now before I get carried away.


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