rural bus timetables, etc.

June 24, 2006

I got the bus, for various reasons, from Dumfries to… well, an apparently nameless glen on the Solway Coast of Galloway, where my grandmother has lived since the 70s. Lets just say "the countryside".

It was an interesting trip on the 372 bus. It left two minutes early. And it was late almost immediately. Looking at the timetable it was easy to see why; the timetable was hopelessly optimistic.

I've noticed this in Helensburgh too. A long time ago, a friend with a car helped me test the Peninsula bus time-table. We rapidly discovered that it was impossible to keep to the published timetable (which still stands), even in a car, travelling non-stop.

I was the last passenger on the bus, and I left it long before it's destination, though I expect more people got on towards the end of the route. But it's hardly very surprising few people use these buses, if they're badly timed and irregular. Regular, reasonable intervals and honest time tables might make rural routes like this one more popular.
Still, the service beats the one in Kinlochleven in the far north of Scotland. Last time I was there there was one bus, three times a week!


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