More Simple Things to Make Helensburgh Better…

June 10, 2006

1. Put some bollards or big flower planters on the big extendy bits of pavement that stick out at the corners. I’m fed up with having to peer round SUVs to see if the road is clear to cross. [update: 11/6/2006: Well, I was down the front and blow me if there wasn’t a long line planters, awkwardly plonked down on the south side of Clyde Street, far too close together. So the total cost of this idea would be the labour to lift half these planters and carry them across the road…]

2. Use the water from the reservoirs for street cleaning, watering grass, plants etc. Not very simple, but not so complicated. The expensive way would be to set up some kind of watering station at the old water works. The cheap way would be to drive a tanker up the access road and stick a big hose in the water.


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