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End of the line for Highland TV

May 30, 2006

SMG fades out Grampian TV brand

Well, this is sad, the end of the Grampian TV brand. There was a time when independent TV produced a distinctive, locally flavoured brand of TV, and there was a time when Grampian in particular did a very good job of being a local television station. What we seem to have now is a Scottish TV that isn’t called ITV for petty nationalistic reasons, yet has little or no Scottish content, let alone local content.

I find this pretty ironic, given that production costs have probably never been lower, and Freeview, Sky and the internets make distribution easier than ever before.


Green Cards, Red Sites Revisited

May 27, 2006

Green Cards, Red Sites Revisited: “

In February we blogged about some misleading Green Card Lottery sites that charge to ‘process’ entries to the free US government Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery program.

When I was in Bulgaria, there was an advert on the telly, regularly, inviting Bulgarians to enter the Green Card Lottery… in English. It never occured to me that it wasn’t an official advert. So I sat there muttering about “bloody Americans” and other cliches…

Neat Terminal Trick

May 26, 2006

Just discovered this by accident. If you press “Command-.” in the terminal it does a “control-c”. Neat.

Apple MacBook First Thoughts Review (pics, specs)

May 22, 2006

Apple MacBook First Thoughts Review (pics, specs)

Entirely sensible first look at the MacBook from a non-Mac user. Looks like heat is still an issue…

…which really isn’t on, this has been going on for years! My theory is that Mr Jobs has somehow lost the heat perception in his hands and doesn’t consider it an “issue”. 😉 Rather more cynically, is all this heat stuff a deliberate policy of form over function, designed to make people buy new boxes every couple of years?


May 17, 2006

I actually remember to look at the job centre web site.

And I see this:–


Does that mean they’re going to support Safari? Or has it just become irredemably broken?

[later: Yes, it works with safari now.]

oh no, not again

May 13, 2006

oh no, not again

Originally uploaded by ztephen.

Yes folks, it’s another wacky moment in the history of pet food packaging.

Obvious Things about Public Transport

May 12, 2006

A long time ago, I wrote a strange paper about public transport in Helensburgh. For a while Gordon Tran kept asking after it, but I had no idea where it had gone, so it remained marooned in the past. Then during a major clear out, I found a printed copy of it, and from that, tracked down the original file.

So now I’ve updated the strange paper, and I’ve decided to publish it here, so people may look upon it and mock and/or offer constructive criticism.

You can read the article in HTML at this page. There will be a PDF, but it’s a nice evening and I’m going to take the dog a walk. Here’s a brain-dead PDF instead if you like.


May 4, 2006

Met Office: Weather and climate – South-west Scotland

A slightly daft thing to link to as it will change.

But, at this moment thunder is in the air, and I am glad to be using a computer powered by batteries!

Oh, and wouldn’t it be nice if WordPress 2 and/or Safari was less buggy?