Neat iPhoto Tricks

January 3, 2006
  • You can edit the data on multiple sections! All those photos the camera didn’t date properly you can fix with a single bound! If you’re not too sure of the time you took them, you can just put in the date! Assign labels easily and intuitively!
  • You can make a selection in an image and the contextual menu gives you options relevant to editing a selection, like “New from Selection…” or whatever!
  • It doesn’t slow down with lots of of pictures, thanks to the wonders of caching!
  • A judicious combination of palettes, floating windows and Cocoa drawers lets you optimise the interface to your liking, and maximise the area of the screen devoted to your pictures!
  • You can put little coloured tags on your pictures to remind you to do something to them later!
  • When you export to a CD, you get a CD with pictures in, not some dreadful hierarchical mess of an iPhoto library that takes ages to generate and just confuses the person in the photo shop, or the relative with the PC!
  • You can do worthwhile colour corrections!
  • You can… oh wait a minute, that’s my review of iPhoto, from another dimension! Admittedly I’m still using iPhoto 4, but…

In my opinion, while apple continue to produce lame, limited consumer software that doesn’t work properly and isn’t particularly easy to use, but very effectively kills the competition, there is verra little future for us. Saying it’s better than Windows just doesn’t cut it if it still isn’t very good…


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