Christmas Wish List

December 23, 2005
  1. A ScotRail franchise that doesn’t charge you £13.20 to travel for nearly two hours on a two car DMU with a engine so noisy that it sets off my tinnitus and leaves me unable to speak clearly for an hour or two. (And is very slow.) And for that matter, a way to Dumfries by public transport that doesn’t pass through Kilmarnock.
  2. Mac OS X apps that gracefully handle being off-line. So the “mail” app queues messages waiting to be sent like Eudora did, ten years ago, ahem. And the “web” app opens new tabs for pages you want to open quickly when you do connect. And doesn’t bleat about not being able to find a server when the real problem is that there’s no network connection. Doh!
  3. A version of 10.4 that, you know, works properly. So I can upgrade to it.
  4. That when emptying the Trash one is rewarded with an increase in free disk space, not a decrease.
  5. A mobile phone that is honest about the strength of the signal it is getting, and (this is the important bit) is also honest about how it rates its chances of actually contacting the base station across 15 kilometres of bleak, wind-swept Solway Firth. Going “bing” and complaining about a “network error” when it’s really a “I can’t contact the network” error will result in a short career.
  6. Peace and goodwill between, well, everybody. Obviously.

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