Some Things, Which Might Be Usual In Bulgaria, But Are Unusual Where I Usually Hang Oot

December 17, 2005
  1. Skodas and Ladas. Many, many old Skodas running around. Many with funky new paint jobs. Many with interesting legends in the windscreen. Clearly there is a fraternity who hot-rod Skodas and Ladas in the way that folks in the UK hot-rod old Fords and Vauxhalls. I have two thoughts. (1) “Cool!” (2) I think the West must have got the dodgy Skodas and Ladas in the old days… the ones in Bulgaria are FAST.
  2. Horses and Carts which are ordinary working vehicles, not some twee tourist money-making device. I always think of plural horses as horsen, but that’s a personal problem. Yes, there are many horsen and carta in Bulgaria, still earning a living. I like that, cos they are not chucking out carbon dioxide in the manner of an old Transit van.
  3. Horsen and Carta proceeding down urban dual-carriageways. Seen just once, but a pleasant sight.
  4. Large pigs in small trailers attached to Ladas driving though large housing estates. My guides informed me the pig was for the chop. My question; where had they been keeping it?
  5. Large housing estates where at the foot of every tower-block, there is some kind of useful shop. In Scotland, but not precisely where I come from, there are many tower-blocks, modeled, allegedly, on examples from Yugoslavia, but built, many miles from the town centres, with no amenities at all. The trouble this caused is still with us, 40 years later.
  6. GSM Shops. Every second shop in Bulgaria is a mobile phone shop. Get used to it.
  7. The Cyrillic Alphabet. Pure naivety on my part, but a pleasure to see. I hope it doesn’t go extinct in the name of progress.
  8. The Black Sea. I’m sure many Bulgarians regard seeing the Black Sea every day as being ENTIRELY NORMAL, but I am used to Atlantic Oceans and North Seas, so it was a thrill for me. Quite warm, even in November, and a slightly different colour.
  9. Goats. Great herds of them, being driven home through the towns at sunset.
  10. Half finished buildings. Many concrete skelingtons litter the land of Bulgaria. Many have been abandoned for years. I contend that this is not a good thing.

One Response to “Some Things, Which Might Be Usual In Bulgaria, But Are Unusual Where I Usually Hang Oot”

  1. dave morris Says:

    hi just read your blog on bulgaria ive just bought an old house there and am intending to drive round there in my boat all being equal in the summer and then see how it goes

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