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Not Dead, Just Resting

November 1, 2005

Is OTAN suffering Neglected Weblog Syndrome? Well, yes. But in truth there’s been nothing recently I’ve wanted to write about that much. Well, nothing that doesn’t involve too much work.

However, the seasons are turning in Helensburgh and the fall is progressing satisfactorily.

fall proceeding satisfactorily in Helensburgh this year

Wizards In Helensburgh Are Normal This Time of Year

I, on the other hand, am out of here for three weeks. Bulgaria beckons. I have to say that booking the flights has not been a pleasant experience, the whole system appears to be, ahem, Balkanised. Did I get the best deal? I doubt it. Can I, from one web site, find out all the routes from the UK to Bulgaria? No, of course not. Also, Glasgow Airport’s web site seems entirely geared to selling me stuff, rather than giving me information like, can I stay in the terminal overnight because I’ve stupidly booked a 0615 flight?

I also note with a certain amount of sadness, but no great surprise, that Glasgow Airport charges for wireless internet access, whereas Torp in Norway appeared to have at least three free networks to connect to. This obsessive need to make people pay through the nose for absolutely everything (and then call it “a strong economy”) is what really irritates me about trying to travel in Britain. Or live here, now I come to think about it. Though I quite like some of the sunsets.

It’s a moot point anyway, the iBook’s battery is shagged and it only runs off the mains now–for more than 20 minutes!

I may manage a few blog posts from Bulgaria, but somehow I doubt that I’ll find the time. Vi skall se.