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help, does it work now?

October 7, 2005

trying to update to 1.5.2, what a disaster.


Happy Turntable Moments

October 5, 2005

Well, I spend a slightly stressful hour or so swapping cartridges on my old Rega Planar 3. Will I pull the tags off the wiring? Will I ever get the cartridge straight? etc. etc.

So the old (more than ten years old) K18 is replaced with a slightly less old, but certainly less used Ortofon 510.

Ah, it so cool! My records sound good again! Bass! Depth! Detail! I really must get a proper cartridge but this will do for now!

It rains and rains…

October 1, 2005

…and rains and rains and rains.

Also, it is wet.

Re: On Cillit Bang and a new low for marketers…

October 1, 2005

On Cillit Bang and a new low for marketers…

Ugh. Looks like Tom Coates has had a very unpleasant experience courtesy of Cillit Bang. So I won’t be buying any, I’ll stick to Jif. I find it quite unbelievable that anyone in their right mind would do such a thing, just for the sake of promoting a cleaning product, but I guess I’m just being naive. One of those job/life things I have so much trouble with. So forgive the naive enthusiasm of the previous post.