iTunes Moans

September 15, 2005
  1. Having to open the prefs to adjust the encoder specs. Easy to turn it down for some mono, not very good, did it yourself years ago and fancy having it on the iPod, track, then forgetting to turn it back up for weeks… perhaps some system of presets would be in order, like the EQ ones. You could pick from a sub-menu in the context menu. “Import” button would use the one you set as a default…
  2. Pedantic Alphabetical Order. This is actually two things:
    1. Artists are sorted in first name alphabetical order! Still! After all these years! I’m used to it, but how I wish it was surname alphabetical order… surely not impossible to parse that…
    2. Albums are listed in alphabetical order. I’d rather have em in chronological order (e.g. Felt Mountain then Black Cherry). Not exactly rocket science.
  3. Classical music, and baroque music, and so on. Very difficult to mark up tracks in a senseible way without loosing scads of info.
  4. Gapless playback has been ranted about everywhere. I’d like to put a word in for including the gaps between tracks, e.g. pre-roll. Essentially, you’d end up with not only the tracks from the CD in the Library, but the exact timing of the way the tracks connect into each other… wow, I’m expressing this badly! But it would sure help clumsy transitions between songs that mix into each other when shuffling…

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