Time To Go

September 3, 2005

Well, my three months here are up. I apologise to my three or so readers for not posting more obvious things about Norway–there’s an ambigous phrase if ever there was one–but as it turned out the most obvious thing was there was very little time to write stuff down, as I was too busy actually doing things. But there you go. Next time I will try to do less stuff.

The blog itself will continue, with probably fewer Obvious Things About Norway, but more Helensburgh, Mac and Uncategorised stuff instead. And in a few months, hopefully, some Obvious Things About Bulgaria. And maybe even a domain name, and a link into one of them accumulator thingeys, if I can figure it out.

Parting thoughts? I don’t want to go. I DON’T WANT TO GO, AAARGGH, DON’T MAKE ME GO HOME. Well, maybe not that bad. I have something called a New CGI Platform to deal with. And some unpaid bills!

The best country in the world on several measures may not be perfect. 300 kr for a wine box, for fecks sake! Two or three bits of litter here and there, for all that’s holy! However, the most obvious thing about Norway of all is that it is a wonderful place to be.


One Response to “Time To Go”

  1. Fair thee well, fine blogger!
    I hope that you will find the time and money to pay us a visit down here in sunny Manchester (although might be best to wait till new year as we are FUCKING busy with work and study).
    I haven’t visited the Blog often enough and have only just realised that you be gone.
    My own Blog continues in fits and starts whenever I can be bothered.

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