The Sony Ericsson T610

August 11, 2005

Is generally a fine phone, though the compression on the camera pictures is excessive and the UI is a bit slow. There are, however, two rather infuriating flaws that really get on my nerves:–

  • The lame vibrating alert, which you can’t feel unless the phone is in direct contact with a sensitive part of you. Just walking about the place you don’t feel it, so forget about noticing time-critical messages from, say, your girlfriend, when you are doing noisy things like trimming or chipping. However, it makes IKEA sofas produce eerie booming noises, so there you are.
  • Outgoing text messages do NOT get date and time stamped. So if you want to archive messages from say, your girlfriend, you have to think REALLY hard about when you sent things to reconstruct the conversation. I know SMS is meant to be an ephemeral medium (pace Address sending messages with no indication at all that they went, or were delivered, and no record anywhere) but…

Oh, and the ringtones that come with the thing are pretty lame. and it doesn’t play aiffs, and well, I could go on but that’s probably enough.

It’s only a phone, for gods sake.


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