BBC Not Very Good at RSS Shocker

August 11, 2005

Check out these pictures.

a wtf moment at the BBC newsfeed

another crazy rss moment

Apparently people at the BBC are taking a RSS post, renaming it and putting new text in, rather than making a new post.

I find that rather extraordinary. But then I had to buy a flash drive to get files over to an XP box because we couldn’t get the file sharing to turn on (in Norwegian) or find how to set the ip number so it could see the ibooks SMB thingey. (in Norwegian).

But I’m not meant to be the gold standard for authoritative news. So that’s different.

I think I may have wandered a little off the point.

(Update 13/1/2006–apologies for the crap graphics, I forgot to back them up and then they got corrupted on the server somehow)


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