The point at which it all goes wrong…

June 7, 2005

…was probably the point at which Steve Jobs said that 10.5 was going to be called “Leopard”. That’s a lame name. I wonder if the UI will be even more horrible than 10.4’s?

Not wishing to sound too bitter, I’m sure 10.4’s underneathy stuff rocks, and 10.5 will rock even better.

I’m also deeply concerned about the switch to Intel. Selling expensive PCs is not a growth industry. It will be easier for someone to hack Mac OS onto x86 PC hardware. Intel is just not as nice as PPC; they might work about the same, but PPC seems more elegant to me. And if people are churning out 3.2 parts for certain game consoles, and happily producing decent server processors on PPC too, that suggests to me the issue is not technical, but some kind of problem with the business relationship… is Steve being rude to people?

And NEXT on x86 was not a notable success.

Not wishing to sound bitter, I’m sure the new boxen will work very well, but for me it just won’t be the same.


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