I guess something’s happened in Afghanistan

June 2, 2005

That would be a good idea.

I’m making progress I suppose, with lots of little words worming their way into my subconcious, so I can follow the structure of a conversation but not the meaning. This can actually be quite fun. This afternoon I was listening to P4 (“pae feurer”) a radio station with quite a lot of talk, and it was kind of fun to hear “——– and —-Drammen —— and —— green —— but —– traffic report.” etc.

Then there was the news, which I didn’t understand at all. It’s quite wonderful, actually, as someone who normally reads a daily paper and sort of knows what’s going on, to, um, not to. Anyway, on the news this afternoon there was a 45 second story where they said “Afghanistan” at least ten times. So I guess something’s happened in Afghanistan.

But other weird shit is happening too, like suddenly remembering lots of French and German words I haven’t thought of since school–not that I can speak either–when trying to learn Norsk numbers. I still can’t remember the Norsk numbers. And sometimes I hear subliminal chatter, using Norsk sounds but actually meaning nothing.

I’m beginning to understand little bits, but forget about speaking it, yet. Still perhaps this stage too will pass.


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