Bloody ISDN, Bloody Macs

June 1, 2005

Well, if you’re reading this it means that I managed to fix the ISDN adaptor we use around these here parts to connect to the intawebnet. The software is from 2003, marked “10.2” (ugh). It is USB (no).

It connected once, and I got my email. Then, BANG! kernel panic after kernel panic trying to use this thing, then just not connecting.

And for some reason my system keychain is zapped.

So I’m not best pleased at the moment. Sometimes things don’t “just work”.

The question is, these USB TAs are quite common in Europe so why aren’t there more generic chipset based scripts in the OS X install? Why isn’t there a USB class driver?



Well, it took some Mac voodoo; resetting the nvram (no joke if you can’t remember the command and can’t go on line to find it!)

And a handy hint; remember not to pull out the usb plug before hanging up or your modem will be hosed and so will your guest’s PC…


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